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In the summer of 2008, I decided I wanted to be REALLY productive in the studio and then realized that I had just about exactly 100 days off from teaching. I gave myself the challenge of making a new painting-a-day for 100 days.

I set some guidelines for myself, and knowing how easy it was to get distracted during the summer, I decided to make a blog for the project and spread the word about it in the hopes that friends and family would hold me accountable if I skipped a day and that going public with my project would be great motivation. Several days into the project, my colleague Steve Ersinghaus decided he wanted to crank out some new work as well and gave himself the challenge of following each of my daily paintings with a daily poem. We both made it through the summer and published a collection of all the work.

Last summer, more artists were hungry to join in. Steve started each day with a short story and many of us responded with a painting, poem, photograph, audio piece, hypertext etc. Because Steve had responded to a painting of mine each day the previous summer, I decided to take a word, phrase or sentence from his story and use that as a title for my daily painting. My work wasn’t an illustration of the story, but an image built on some concept or vocabulary found in the text. The words were simply a place to look for a starting point for paint. There were about 15 participants altogether, most of them connecting back to the group in some way.

This year there are over 30 participants on the roster!  The spirit of the project is collaborative; each participant links in to the group’s collective work in some way.  For more on my project for the summer, see the about section on this blog.

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